Preventive Maintenance

Big Plate Services offers preventative maintenance contracts that often pay for themselves through higher efficiency, savings on utility bills, and higher uptime for your equipment. All customers on a preventative maintenance contract receive a discount on parts and service preformed, and are given priority one level service. Each agreement is tailored to meet the budget and operating needs of your facility.

The old but true cliché “out of sight, out of mind” is often the reason for neglected maintenance guidelines for your HVAC system. HVAC systems are often installed where they aren’t seen, such as in a section of the basement, a closet, on rooftops, or in mechanical rooms, making them easy to ignore. The systems are simply taken for granted, until they fail. Decreased efficiency, utility overpayment, discomfort, loss of productivity, eventual premature replacement, and higher repair costs are the result. Many equipment manufactures state that even just a 10% refrigerant loss results in a 20% decrease in system efficiency.

Big Plate Services schedules Preventative Maintenance Service to maintain peak efficiency, prevent utility overpayment, and avert system failures through predictive maintenance that can help extend the life of your equipment. Preventative Maintenance consists of a quarterly review of all your kitchen cooking equipment and your HVAC system. During these reviews, filters are changed, coils cleaned, condensate pans emptied, refrigerant levels checked, and the entire system is reviewed. This review is a proactive approach to help ensure that your equipment is prepared for the upcoming season and helps to prevent system failure.

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