Education & Ongoing Training

Big Plate Services can facilitate ongoing training and certification training in the following areas:


The National Restaurant Association created ServSafe to define and uphold the standards for quality in the hospitality industry, and to provide restaurant owners and employees with the most up-to-date training (and certification) in safe and hygienic food handling. The company also focuses on the best environmental sanitation for a food preparation or storage facility. Possessing a ServSafe certification indicates the holder understands and adheres to the most modern government food regulations and preparation techniques.


Restaurants and bars are great places for people to socialize and have a good time. Unfortunately, that good time can get out of hand when people misuse alcohol. Servers must be able to deal with problem behaviors and the challenges associated with underage drinking and drunk driving.

A TIPS for On Premise Certification will empower your employees to take a proactive approach toward preventing alcohol misuse and maintaining control of the environment. By training your staff to recognize the signs of intoxication, you can reduce the chance that an alcohol-related incident will occur. When you have TIPS trained servers, you show customers that you care for their wellbeing and safety, and want to make their visits to your establishment as pleasant as possible.

Many insurance companies will reduce rates if you have your service staff properly trained.

Baking and Pastry

If you are looking to pinch pennies, drive some money to your bottom line, or just jazz up your menu, training pastry person can be an great option. We can train a member of your staff on pastry making basics and give some great ideas to help compliment your menu.

Table-side Service

Your serving staff are one of your most important restaurant marketing tools. You can have repeat business if food is average, with exemplary service. However, exemplary food will never make up for average service.

Your service staff can often be comprised of part-time employees, or those in-between employment. These employees are more likely to stay and enjoy their job if they feel comfortable serving tables and make decent money. Big Plate Services’ four-session seminar will elevate your staff to the next level and show immediate results. We understand every restaurant is different, so we customize the seminar around your needs and staff concerns.

Wine Service

The more comfortable your servers are about wine service, the more they will sell your higher end and higher profit wine bottles. Your wait staff will discover what many aspiring wine professionals and working sommeliers already know. Our Level One seminar covers the basics of wine service, such as pouring and the proper way to hold the bottle. Our Level Two and above seminars covers more advanced information such as the differences between types of wine, where they come from, and wine pairing.

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